LA POST, inc.

Delivering The Highest Quality Production With A Sharp Focus On Personalized Service


Since 1995, LA POST has been delivering high quality production at reasonable rates while maintaining a sharp focus on personalized service. LA POST is equipped and ready to handle all your production needs from concept to completion.


In need of audio? Within the same facility, Ford SoundDesign is a digital audio production suite with extensive editing capabilities and a complete studio recording facility. Ford SoundDesign is your most versatile resource in custom sounds. Whether you're in need of voice talent, a custom jingle, or audio forensics, Ford SoundDesign is capable of handling all your audio needs.

LA POST can cut and finish any type of job, simple to complex, cuts-only to sophisticated effects, High-Definition to 4K and beyond. Utilizing some of the most advanced post production tools available, you can relax as you put your project in the hands of our experienced staff.

Need a camera package for your next shoot? LA POST has several options available to help capture your vision. We have the cameras, lenses, support gear, and skills to make your product or story stand out from the rest.


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